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Friday evening, campers wait in line and register for camp with great anticipation.

Pitchers throwing flatgrounds developing the change-up.

Coach Taylor demonstrating surgical tubing exercises.

Coach Conger reviewing the evaluation card following a bullpen.

You want to play at the next level, Coach Krawczyk explaining the importance of getting good grades!

Coach Geisler recognizing a "Hard Workin' Pitcher" with a poster and a handshake.

A camper thanking Coach Zappin for a great camp experience with a handshake and a smile.

Coach Carter teaching the "Rice" workout.

Coach Krawczyk teaching one-on-one during video analysis.

Enjoying a moment with the Frith Family.

Coach Geisler talking about the importance of holding runners.

Coach Wright giving a lecture on strength training.

Receiving the throw and covering 1B during P.F.P.'s.

Dry work on the balance beams using mirrors.

Strengthening the core of the body with medicine balls.

Coach Wright looking for future "Chukars" during a bullpen session.

Taking a time-out with Coach Wolf and Coach Hippi!

Coach Gustafson demonstrating fielding position on a bunt down the 3B line.

Coach Frith explaining the day's schedule.

Coach Carter filling out the evaluation card and Coach Henderson giving a video analysis.

Coach Gustafson talking about pitching mentality.

Riley, Aleah, and Sidney remind us that "girls got game" too!

Coach Korf teaching deadlift techniques during the strength training lectures.

The evaluation card provides an opportunity for Coach Geisler to explain differentials on pitch velocity.

Pitchers working on their release points on the wall drill.

Coach Frith one-on-one teaching lead-arm action.

Before camp, Cooper Frith takes on Coach Gustafson in a game of one-on-one.

Coach Harrell can coach and run a video camera with the best of them!

Pitchers throwing bullpens and being evaluated.

A pitcher receiving one-on-one instruction during his bullpen from Coach Henderson.

Coach Spencer wearing his 2006 Oregon State National Championship ring. Congratulations Beavers!

The coaches having some fun giving away posters during baseball trivia.

At the end of camp, Coach Frith saying a few closing words to the pitchers and their parents.

Post-camp coaches meeting: at the end of camp, every pitcher is evaluated by the entire coaching staff!

Remember, "Keep your eye on the ball, swing for the fence, and dream big!"

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