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Bobby Applegate
U C Riverside
Assistant Coach

Jim Brink
University of The Pacific
Fmr. Pitching Coach

Bryan Conger
Tarleton State University
Head Coach

Ed Gustafson
Texas Tech University
Fmr. Pitching Coach

Gary Henderson
University of Kentucky
Head Coach

Korey Kier
Mount Hood C.C.
Fmr. Pitching Coach

Daren Korf
USAW Level One
Strength & Conditioning Coach

Greg Moore
Cal State Univ., Northridge
Head Coach

Ron Romanick
Oakland Athletics
Fmr. Pitching Coach

Dan Spencer
University of New Mexico
Pitching Coach

Jake Taylor
Rocky Mtn. H.S. Head Coach
Florida Marlins Associate Scout

Roger Wolf
Seattle Mariners
Associate Scout

Gabe Zappin
St. Mary's College
Fmr. Assistant Coach

Patrick Bailey
Oregon State University
Associate Head Coach

Dave Carter
Utah Valley University
Assoociate Head Coach

Logan Easley
Meridian High School
Pitching Coach

Scott Goldby
Florida Marlins
West Coast Supervisor

Marty Henry
Treasure Valley C.C.
Pitching Coach

Tyler Knigge
Philadelphia Phillies
Minor League Pitcher

Jack Krawczyk
Arizona State University
Fmr. Pitching Coach

Beezer Pierce
Idaho Rockies
Assistant Coach

Chris Sheehan
Gonzaga University
Fmr. Pitching Coach

Dean Stiles
University of Oregon
Pitching Coach

Gary Van Tol
Boise Hawks
Head Coach

Russ Wright
Fruitland H.S. Head Coach
K.C. Royals Associate Scout

Rick Baumann
Treasure Valley C.C.
Fmr. Head Coach

Andrew Checketts
U C Santa Barbara
Head Coach

Phil Geisler
Seattle Mariners
Area Scouting Supervisor

Donny Harrel
Seattle University
Head Coach

Rob Hippi
Wenatchee Applesox
Pitching Coach

Demetre Kokoris
Chemeketa C.C.
Pitching Coach

Tom Kunis
Stanford University
Fmr. Pitching Coach

Scott Ramsay
Kansas City Royals

Jason Simontacchi
St. Louis Cardinals Pitcher
Fmr. Albertson College

Gregg Swenson
Washington State University
Pitching Coach

Kris Welker
College of Southern Idaho
Fmr. Pitching Coach

Nate Yeskie
Oregon State University
Pitching Coach

Scott Crampton - Lamar Community College Head Coach
Hal DeBerry - Edmonds Community College Head Coach
Ben Frank - Minico H.S. Head Coach / Former Albertson College Pitcher
Kevin Johnston - Former University of Washington Pitching Coach
Guy Jones - Altanta Braves Associate Scout
Dave Kuiper - Allan Hancock College Assistant Coach / Former Albertson College Pitcher
Tim Mooney - Former Washington State University Head Coach
Jeff Parker - Former Anaheim Angels Director of Player Development
Larry Price - Timberline H.S. Head Coach / Boston Red Sox Associate Scout
Greg Smith - Cleveland Indians Scout

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